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This article, originally written for Arizona Foothills magazine, best describes the wide range of custom services we provide each individual customer.
Sun Solved — When John and Patti Naylor wake up each morning, their solar protection is already at work thanks to a detailed shading system involving window tint, rail and cable-guided screens and one impressive awning. Michael Nemeth, owner of Sun Solver, put together the couple's system to maximize their energy efficiency and comfort while protecting their North Scottsdale home. With some form of screen or tint on almost every window, the Naylors can readily manage their shading in conjunction with the seasonal and daily weather changes-making for one cool house, even in the middle of a hot Valley summer.
Sun Solver System


A Place in the Shade

Keeping your house comfortable this summer doesn't have to mean cranking up the air conditioner. Incorporating these energy-saving heat barriers can produce several efficient-and oh-so-cool-effects.

  • "Use exterior screens to stop the sun before it gets into the house and to eliminate heat gain," Nemeth says.

  • It's best to cover your screens and awnings with fabric made by industry leaders like Mermet and Sunbrella.

  • Set automatic timers, and use light sensor systems to ensure that your screens and awnings are shading the correct parts of your home when the sun is at its hottest.
Solved in 8 Steps...
1. Making the Naylors' home as heat-resistant and shaded as possible required the use of three of Sun Solver's primary products: Vista Luminescence window tint. Tucson SunFix Screens and a large Sunflexx awning.
2. The window tint application on nearly every window decreases the overall amount of light that enters the home throughout the day and helps protect against interior sun damage.
3. Nemeth further required that all screen and awning hardware be anchored into the frame of the house for Increased durability and longevity.
4. The screen and awning frames and hardware were custom powder-coated instead of painted to prevent fading. "We can custom powder coat to match any color," Nemeth says.
5. Nemeth also created a retractable screen system for the large, rear-facing window. With a remote control and timer, the screen can be raised or lowered at the Naylors' discretion.
6. Most of the rail-guided screens came equipped with Tucson SunFix Screens' self-locking tension system, which stretches the extremely strong, 94-percent Mermet fabric over the entire window, keeping it tightly in place.
7. Nemeth chose Sunbrella fabric for the expansive lateral arm awning and added a light sensor so the awning automatically extends and retracts in step with the rising and setting sun.
8. For protection, the rear awning and front door's cable-guided screen were outfitted with wind sensors that auto­matically raise or retract the coverings when the wind speed increases enough.
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